“But it frankly doesn’t matter what legislation is put in place

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You should be ashamed of being a sycophant supporter and apologist and excuse maker for Bay Area cops across multiple departments who already been exposed for exploiting an underaged sex worker, in addition to that San Mateo cop who getting prosecuted for raping multiple women across several jurisdictions. Yeah, the system really works to keep weirdos out of uniform, so says the most prolific weirdo posting in this thread. I truly takes one to know one..

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Cheap Jerseys from china Its spokeswoman said: “Revealing that a car is ex rental or fleet could be misleading and might put people off.”Trading Standards says rule breaking is rife in the used car sector, with complaints from car buyers making up almost 75 per cent of calls received by Citizens Advice each year. However, Trading Standards’ motor trade expert Gerry Taylor admitted: “Severe cutbacks mean we simply don’t have the manpower to enforce these regulations.”Ex rental car history cover up:reaction to our investigationSMMT”Guidelines say salespeople should be clear about the provenance of an approved used vehicle that’s provided to them by a manufacturer.”We’re concerned to hear that regulations appear to have been broken and will look at the evidence Auto Express provides. We’ll remind members of their obligations.”Trading standards”The long awaited Consumer Rights Bill may give us more power to insist dealers compensate buyers if they break these rules.”But it frankly doesn’t matter what legislation is put in place if there’s no enforcement, it isn’t going to make any difference.”Pendragon dealer group”We’d reveal it was an ex rental if asked. Cheap Jerseys from china

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