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“Transgenders” and “transgendered” are not words. I am transgender. I not a transgender, nor am I transgendered. After his six day week of work, he was utterly spent. On the way home, I’d sit on a milk crate in the meat truck where the passenger seat would have been, except there was no passenger seat, just a square of waxy floor and a little girl on a milk crate, talking on her daddy’s talk CB radio. “Ten four, good buddy,” I’d say.

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This. I’m the last person to encourage the use of weed killers cheap jerseys, but my state has been studying how to eradicate Ailanthus and so far the only protocol that shows any promise involves finding the mother tree in the spring or fall, drilling holes in the trunk and basically mainlining glyphosate into the heart of the tree. Once it has a chance to circulate the poison through the root network, it’s ‘just’ a matter of being vigilant about cutting down suckers as they pop up and soaking the stumps in more glyphosate.

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All of the alternate explanations he offering have been considered and controlled for in studies. The correlation still exists. The “you just eat healthier overall on a vegan diet, it not the animal products” is the 1 most common reply of people who haven read any of the literature.

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