Two of the schemes on the M62 will link up with existing

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iphone 6 plus case It will ultimately mean more 50mph speed limits on motorways with the aim of keeping traffic moving by also opening up hard shoulders as extra lanes at peak times.The scheme will see 80 miles of smart motorway being created which adapt to the traffic flow but will cause disruption for five years. Highways England announced its billion plan today.Work is already taking place to create a smart motorway project on the M62 and M60.Two of the schemes on the M62 will link up with existing projects to create the biggest single stretch of smart motorway in the country, covering nearly 60 miles between the North West and Yorkshire.Major disruption is expected as work starts as many are already among the busiest stretches of motorway in the UK.Two of the latest schemes on the M62 will run on a nine mile section between junctions 10 at the M6 interchange near Warrington and junction 12 at the M60 interchange near Eccles, and on a 19 mile stretch between junction 20 at the A627 (M) interchange near Rochdale and junction 25 near Brighouse, West Yorkshire.Smart motorways planned for North WestA seven mile stretch of smart motorway will be created on the opposite side of the M60 to the current scheme, between junction 24 at the M67 interchange near Denton and junction 4 at the M56 interchange near Cheadle.A ten mile section of the M6 between junction 21a at the M62 interchange near Warrington and junction 26 at the M58 interchange near Skelmersdale will also become a smart motorway, along with a four mile section of the M56 between junctions 6 and 8 near Manchester Airport.Other major schemes planned for the region include bypasses on the A556, A585 and A57, new motorway junctions on the M55 and M56, and junction upgrades on the M6.During 2015/16 130 miles of lanes on motorways and major A roads will be resurfaced, 40 miles of safety barriers will be installed, and 2 iphone cases,900 lighting columns will be upgraded.Alan Shepherd, North West Regional Director at Highways England, said the investment was “the biggest increase in capacity on the road network for 50 years.”He added: “The North West’s motorways and dual carriageways form the backbone for the region’s economy and this huge investment will ensure they remain healthy for many years to come.”(Image: Sean Hansford)Work on the North West’s first smart motorway began in July last year and affects a 17 mile stretch of the M60 and M62 in Greater Manchester. The million project is due to be completed in autumn 2017.A new million smart motorway scheme along an 18 mile section of the M6 between junction 16 at Crewe and junction 19 at Knutsford is due to start this autumn, and will see the hard shoulder converted to an extra lane along the entire route.Construction work on a million project to build a new A556 link road between the M56 near Bowdon and the M6 near Knutsford also began last year and is due to be completed by winter 2016/17 iphone 6 plus case.